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evan mavericks gimmick

Post  evan maverick on Tue Sep 30, 2008 1:38 am

born in england 1974 into a travelling circus owned by my family , by the age of 5 i had mastered the high wire ,trapeze and many other skills , but the one fascination in my life my father installed into our traveling show was the prize fighting ring , i watched every night as our champion wrestled and boxed his way to victory night after night , walking all over his victims ,beating everything thrown at him until one night after 15 undefeated years the old prize fighters battered and bruised body gave way and he passed away in the middle of the ring , and i lay by his side just before he took his final breath and listened to his words , "its your turn now son ill be watching , and ill be smiling , the new champs in town now" and i know he'll be looking down now my father my inspiration he was the best trainer i ever had , so everything i do is for him , ill fight till i die no one is going to walk over me
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