Akmul the Clown

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Akmul the Clown

Post  akmul on Wed Sep 17, 2008 11:38 am

Stands at: 6'4"
Weighs: 255 pounds

Bio: Akmul started off with an extremely hard life. At the age of 3 his dad died in a was shot in a gunfight which he wasn't involved in. Throughout his childhood he was bullied until the age of 14 when he left his school. He then went to a new school where he joined a group of people who often went to the local gym. He started going to the gym. A few years down the track and Akmul got into body building. He started taking his hobby seriously and entered competitions. He won many local comps and ended up gettin sponsored. Through winning competitions and sponsorship he couldn't get enough money to live. As a part time job he took up being an entertainer at parties. Eventually this led to him dressing as a clown. With his new part time job he was able to just scrape through. He then started wrestling with a friend for fun who wrestled in local federations. Nowadays he wrestles in local federations, he still does bodybuilding and he still entertains at parties. He is living a much better life. As a wrestler he wrestles in a clowns costume.

Akmul the Clown appears as a kind person but lashes out at individuals. He appears first to excite the crowd but later displeases them although still a very fun to watch wrestler. Akmul scares some whilst others stand up to him whichs he loves as he can fight them to change their mind. Akmul is a very underestimated wrestler. Everyone should watch their back when Akmul is around. Akmuls main goal is too establish himself in this fed and too really make a name for himself. He also wants to win some fans and belts

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