everyone read please this is big news

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everyone read please this is big news

Post  Leo 'Guerrero' Helms on Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:14 pm

hey everyone
ive talked to jaw breaker and hes agreed that i will be more active as part of the creative team
so here my view

if your not in a storyline and you would like to be,let me know,and if you want to change gimmick also let me know,
or if your in a storline and your thinking bout to finish it or after you finish it and you want a new gimmick let me know

nkv and jaw breaker will also be happy to help but i have ideas already,

pm me on twg not in iwa then i will help you

many thanks

(heres some ideas to heko you out
tag team -basicly a tag team but you could have a twist like your brothers or you had a great history or one of you could be a bodyguard and one of you can be cocky,or you could be vampires and have a gimmick round that

babyface turn-so a babyface turn is you started as a heal but you can slowly turn babyface or take some time of (witch is easier for me so we can work ona gimmick),either way i dont mind,when you become babyface you can make gimmick with the croudd so you could be talking to the crowd and asking them question

rapper,singer gimmick-this works better for babyface,you could rap battle a fan,rap battle other iwa superstars,sing to your opponent and build hype,you can also be heal and have bad singing skills and fans boo you but love you

heal turn-a big heal turn would be you hit a big babyface superstar with a weapon,or attach them from behind

monster gimmick-you are a big monster,people fear you,you will have a rivalry with a superstar ,but you will beat peple up for no reason,

superhero gimmick-you have to identity you will be yourself as a babyface but when you get in trouble you will put on a superhero costume and will automatcily gets strenth and speed to help you in your match

hit list-you will part of a mathiay,heal superstar will pay you to do their jobs for them,this works better as a tag team or stable,but can works by yourself

i have other gimmicks,so just pm me and well get talking,il take care of everything,il find you a partner and make sure its fine with you and ihm

let me know please
Leo 'Guerrero' Helms
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