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Crazy Chris Cullinane

Post  Triple C on Wed Oct 15, 2008 8:49 am

Chris Cullinane was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Growing up, he became very skilled at Hockey, but there was an anger inside him that constantly kept him in the Penalty Box, earning him the nickname "Crazy". One day, he caught an ad for a Wrestling Show at a nearby arena. Seeing it live struck a nerve deep inside of him...causing him to realize his true calling. Cullinane attended William "The Animal" Bailey's Wrestling School where he earned the wrestling name, Triple C. Crazy Chris Cullinane has since moved on, and, along with his beautiful and scantly clad soulmate, Autumn, the duo have made a mark in the wrestling world. They found their way into the Cyberslam Fed known as the CRF. It was there that Crazy Chris Cullinane became The Horribly Scarred and Burnt Freak, sometimes refered to as UncleTrips, an alterego known for his insane brutality as well as his dark sense of humor. In The CRF, Triple C learned his craft of Violence and created his image of HORROR, mimicing Jason Voorhees of Friday The 13th by wearing an identical Hockey Mask, covering the scars and burns of his face...but only hiding it from view until The Bell Rings!!!

Now, here in The Wrestling Game, Triple C has formed an alliance with a wrestler known as The PieMaster and together they form a Tag Team called The Voodoo Posse. In the fed Pure Pro Wrestling, the duo began to dominate their foes before the fed folded. And now, having followed several former PPW Wrestlers, Triple C hopes to continue that domination here in The IWA.
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